Verstappen: Do not suffer from Racing Point in race


7:30 – Max Verstappen does not expect to be too bothered by Racing Point in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday, despite the fact that Sergio Perez replacement Nico Hülkenberg will start third in the second Formula 1 race at Silverstone. The Dutchman has to do it himself with the fourth place on the grid.

Asked whether Racing Point can also pose a threat to Red Bull in the race, Verstappen answered among others “No, it should be fine in the race. It’s just a matter of being there for a while and then I will focus on my own race.”

During the first weekend at Silverstone, Racing Point was badly disappointed, but during the second showdown on the English track the team is in a much better position. “I think they drove with a lot of wing last week. So they had a lot of downforce on the car, which may not have worked out so well for them”, Verstappen analyzes. “This weekend they drive with a different wing and they look stronger.” In addition, there is of course the supreme Mercedes power source, which is at Racing Point in the back. Verstappen: “The Mercedes has a real qualifying mode for qualifying. You can see that when they increase their engine from Q2 to Q3. It’s a big step, and we don’t have one. That helps them, of course, and that explains according to I also know why they are less strong in the race, because then they can make less use of it. Normally we drive a bit in no man’s land, but they did a good job this weekend. I can’t argue with that. ”

The good performance of Racing Point leads here and there to irritation among the competition, now that it has become clear that the team has actually copied the brake ducts from Mercedes. Verstappen does not want to say anything about the case, possibly because there is no final decision yet, now that several teams have indicated that they will appeal. “I don’t really want to get involved in that discussion. I think there are already enough people working on it. Let’s just wait and see what happens there and then we will automatically hear what is allowed and not allowed”, says Verstappen.

Hülkenberg as a teammate?
Verstappen already announced last week at the first race at Silverstone that Nico Hülkenberg deserves a place on the Formula 1 grid in his eyes. The Dutchman came up with similar words after qualifying on Saturday. About the third fastest time of the Racing Point substitute he says: “It clearly shows that the car is very strong, but Nico also did a fantastic job in qualifying. They did a good job last winter, but I hope that this will help Nico get a seat for next year as he definitely deserves a spot in Formula 1. There are certainly a few drivers who are currently in Formula 1 but not as good as he is. Hopefully this can be a great boost for “I’m not happy with how qualifying went with us, but I’m happy for Nico that he’s third.”

When asked during an online media session with the Dutch press whether the German is not his dream teammate for the future, he responds: “Of course that is not up to me, but of course I think he is a nice guy and he can play a game. send.” He does not want to say exactly who he means when he talks about ‘a few drivers who are currently driving in F1 but are not as good’ as Hülkenberg, although he does indicate that the driver from Emmerik is one of the top ten. drivers of the moment.


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