Verheyen gives cause for Club Brugge cup failure


Club Brugge lived with a lot of confidence towards the cup final. After all, Blauw-Zwart had so far managed to keep its champion team intact, while opponent Antwerp FC had already let some important names go. On Saturday, however, a disillusion followed: for example, the Great Old won 1-0 with the longest end.

A disappointing result for the people of Bruges. Analyst Gert Verheyen added Sporza some explanations for this unexpected deception. “Club itself was just not good enough. It was partly unrecognizable. Until March it played with energy and intensity and there was absolutely no yesterday. Why? Decompression is the easiest explanation after you have won a season almost everything. “That it might have been too easy. You see that more often with champion teams, that after that they have a hard time getting out of the starting blocks.”

In addition, several strongholds remained well below their desired level. Golden Boot Hans Vanaken remained invisible for almost an entire match, captain Ruud Vormer played below par and the defense had seen it very difficult to play football. “If everyone does a little bit less, then in a group that becomes a fairly large percentage. And some strongmen failed. Deformer, Vanaken, Mata: it seemed as if they were playing with a heavy backpack,” said Verheyen, who of course does not want to underestimate Antwerp’s merit.

POLL: Club must further strengthen this mercato anyway …


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