Veilig Verkeer Nederland: keep working from home for safety of cycling students


VVN proposes that people continue to work at home for a while, if possible, De Telegraaf reports. And if it is necessary to drive, the organization asks motorists to avoid the morning and evening rush hours.

August and September

“Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) underlines the call to work from home”, says VVN director Evert-Jan Hulshof in the newspaper. “In it we ask not to go on the road for the entire month of August and possibly also the first weeks of September.”

In the north of the country, schools will reopen from Monday. If people continue to work from home, it will be less busy on the road and children will be able to get used to the cycling route to school more easily, emphasizes VVN.

Win win situation

The corona crisis could lead to a new way of working, the organization thinks, in which the car remains parked more often. Hulshof: “For example, by mainly planning appointments in the mornings that can take place digitally. This way we limit traffic.”

Working from home could be a win-win situation. “A flash survey conducted by us shows that 48 percent of people find the combination of working half at home and half at the office ideal.”


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