Vandenbempt makes painful determination after Pro League soap


The new season in the Jupiler Pro League will start again this weekend. After all, at the General Assembly on Friday, the Pro League agreed on a format with 18 teams and mini play-offs. With that, a sad soap seems to have come to an end.

The chaos that has prevailed in Belgian football in recent months was certainly bad for the reputation. And the worst part is that this could easily have been prevented. “The embarrassing reality is that this plan was on the table a few months ago. On the eve of the conscious General Assembly on May 15, there was a consensus within the working group on a proposal of 18 teams with playoffs with a return to 16 clubs in two years’ time, ”said Peter Vandenbempt Sporza.

In principle, all legal procedures, discussions, etc. were unnecessary. Moreover, because of this uncertainty, many clubs could not even finish their preparation properly, let alone complete their transfer homework. The question is therefore whether conclusions will be drawn at the top of the Pro League. In any case, chairman Peter Croonen and especially CEO Pierre François are under heavy pressure.

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