Vandalism at the Anderlecht practice complex: ‘Get out of Kompany’


The RSC Anderlecht employees saw an unpleasant surprise on Sunday morning. The entrance of Neerpede, the training complex of Anderlecht, was vandalized.

There are currently photos on social media of the entrance to Neerpede, where graffiti was sprayed on the ground. ‘Fuck the prosses (process, nvdr). Kompany casse toi ‘, you can read. Freely translated: ‘Get lost with the process, leave Kompany’. A big hit to captain Kompany who invariably turns out with ‘Trust the process’ at Anderlecht.

However, it is not known whether it is also a swipe by an Anderlecht supporter or vandalism by a supporter of another club. In any case, there was a lot of criticism of vandalism. It read, among other things, ‘shameful’ and ‘you can’t mean this’ Twitter.


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