Van Praag snorts after leak: ‘Not breaking a single UEFA rule as AZ claimed’


The last word has not yet been spoken about the farce around AZ and Michael van Praag. Van Praag snorts on Twitter on Thursday morning to Quote journalist Mark Koster.

This week, Van Praag made it clear in an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad that he is furious about AZ’s actions. Not so much because the Alkmaar club continued to fight for a better Champions League ticket, but because of the way in which.

AZ forwarded a private email from the UEFA director to general manager Robert Eenhoorn to Quote journalist Mark Koster, who in turn – in response to Van Praag’s interview – publicly shared the email on Wednesday.

‘It’s really nice, Mark Koster, that you made my private email to Robert Eenhoorn public unsolicited,’ says Van Praag. ‘Now everyone can see that it was quite a friendly email, with which I did not violate any UEFA rules as AZ claimed. Best wishes.’

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