Van Persie: ‘I found the deal that Feyenoord proposed to me a bit scanty’


Robin van Persie was initially not warm with the offer that Feyenoord made to him 2.5 years ago. Van Persie talks about this in conversation with Helden Magazine.

Feyenoord eventually managed to bring Van Persie back to De Kuip, but that did not happen automatically. Van Persie’s wife Bouchra got the feeling that he wanted to return to Rotterdam, following a number of conversations with trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst. At the time, Van Persie was still playing at Fenerbahçe.

“True, but I only found the deal that Feyenoord presented to me a bit scanty,” says Van Persie over 2.5 years later. “And I am definitely not talking about money. Even if they had given me a fruit basket, I would have come too. I just wanted more time, because I had played little at Fenerbahçe, had to come from far away.”

Van Persie wanted a contract for a year and a half, but technical director Martin van Geel offered him a four-month commitment. “So for the rest of that season. I really doubted whether I should draw that and if we should go back,” says Van Persie. “I thought: if I get anything in those four months, it will be over immediately and I will not end my career with a positive feeling. I felt so many doubts. Mouth then spoke to me. “

He eventually signed, but just for the four months that Van Geel first proposed. Suddenly Van Persie felt the pressure because he had something to prove again. “While I wanted to return to Feyenoord just for fun. He couldn’t get it through,” says Van Persie about Van Geel. “Bizarre of course. But fortunately it went well in those four months. We won the cup. It went so well that Feyenoord asked if I could please stay another year. That is how my career ended as I had hoped.”


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