Van Gucht warns against bad use of fans and air conditioning


Do you use a fan to cool down in these summer temperatures? Do not point the device at people. Virologist Steven Van Gucht gave that warning on Wednesday. Air conditioners are okay if they blow fresh air into the rooms.

During the crisis center’s press conference, Van Gucht focused on the risks for the further spread of the coronavirus during the incipient heat wave. He emphasized once again that virus particles spread through drops and hands. In poorly ventilated areas where many people are present, “we cannot rule out the possibility that the virus is transmitted through aerosols, fine droplets floating around in the air.” Adequate and often ventilating is the message.

Van Gucht also said that rotating fans can spread large drops beyond one meter. He recommends using those devices only within the family and not targeting them at people.

Van Gucht said about air conditioners that they do not spread the virus further, provided that they partially blow in fresh air. For example, any virus particles present are diluted. Air conditioners must also be well maintained. Changing the filter regularly is a must.


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