Van de Grint about ‘grandiose’ Verstappen: ‘he turned Red Bull’s weaknesses into great advantage’


In the 2020 season of Formula 1, Red Bull Racing has rarely been able to match the speed of the Mercedes. But last weekend, Max Verstappen managed to control the race after a strategic feat of the team. Kees van de Grint explains how Verstappen did this.

‘He didn’t make a mistake’, Van de Grint begins in a new episode of Slipstream. In fact, Verstappen has turned his car’s weaknesses into a major advantage. His tire management was also great. I also suspect Max of the decision to drive on hard tires. He has the experience for that. And even if it didn’t come from him, it played a leading role in that decision, ”thinks Michael Schumacher’s former tire engineer.

In the eyes of the analyst, Verstappen’s attitude also played a role in the victory. That was also the highlight. The moment, for example, when he said over the on-board radio that he was not going to drive like a grandmother, was very special. That way he was able to win the race, ‘says Van de Grint. ‘If you really want to form the team, you need a man like that. There are plenty of fast guys, but drivers who take the lead in such a way are special. He is magnificent, ‘Van de Grint concludes. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)


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