“Value failure”: Yossi Dagan against Netanyahu’s words about sovereignty


(Credit: Prime Minister’s Office)

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, responds today (Wednesday) to the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said that the application of sovereignty does not depend on Israel but on Washington.

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Dagan said that the Israeli government has always known how to apply sovereignty when it is the sole decision-maker, Dagan noted the application of sovereignty in East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. “I do not want us to get into a situation in the national camp where they say the prime minister smeared us, that the prime minister worked on us” Dagan noted that the prime minister has been elected three times in the last year and a half To apply sovereignty not once, not twice but three times, Netanyahu should and must apply sovereignty on the basis of his promises to the public and not on the basis of decisions made thousands of miles away. “

Dagan went on to say that this is an opportunity that is unlikely to repeat itself. This “

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“The State of Israel has never bowed to the United States, Prime Minister Levy Eshkol has exercised sovereignty over liberated Jerusalem against the position of the US administration and Prime Minister Menachem Begin has exercised sovereignty over the Golan Heights in the same way. I call on the Prime Minister to act courageously and to apply sovereignty right now. “

The head of the Samaria Regional Council has been working for years to promote sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. Q The struggle for sovereignty is already now without waiting for the approval of the US administration as Begin and Eshkol did with the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.

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