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Disinfection with Impelux technology from UV SmartLab research proves: UV-Clicht kills Corona virus

Corona virus on objects can be effectively destroyed with UV-C light. This has been determined by research agency Eurofins on behalf of UVSmart. It has been known for some time that viruses and bacteria are destroyed by UV-Clicht. It was therefore plausible that this would also apply to the corona virus that causes COVID-19. However, since it is a new virus, this had not yet been specifically demonstrated. That is why this has now been investigated with the UV-C disinfection equipment from MedTech startup UV Smartuit Delft.

Defused indeed

The study was conducted by Eurofins Biolab in Italy using virus isolated from animals. Corona virus material was exposed under controlled conditions for 25 seconds in the UV-C disinfection device ‘D25’ of UV Smart. After this standard cycle, 99.99% of the virus material was indeed found to be harmless. “Scientists and physicians had confidence in this beforehand, and these robust results support this new validated disinfection method.

Our equipment is already used in care centers and hospitals to minimize the spread of micro-organisms and to create a safer care environment, “says Daan Hoek, one of the founders of UV Smart. He continues:” These results do not mean that all sources UV light can make the corona virus harmless, such as sunlight or UV lamps in consumer electronics.


This research shows that the powerful light source in our equipment is effective; in addition, the patented Impelux technology does not damage the irradiated material, and no radiation can escape from the UV box, so that is very safe. ”To be able to meet the increased international demand for this equipment – which has now been CE certified. –UV Smart has recently scaled up production.

Bron: UV Smart B.V.


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