“Used to create fuel for missiles” I Ehud Yaari with new details about the explosion


The commentator on Arab affairs, Ehud Yaari from News 12, was interviewed on Sivan Cohen’s program on 103FM and spoke with Gideon Oko about the explosion in the port of Beirut.

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He addressed what was going on behind the scenes and tried to shed light on the possible reasons for the mysterious pizzas.

We know what led to the explosion?

“We know some things that do not give us a clear picture. We know that the man from Hezbollah, the head of the Lebanese GSS, was the one who hurried to say, ‘It’s all because of the nitrogenous ammonia that has been held there for seven years.’ He did it very quickly, it raises a question mark in me.

The second thing, when you compare, and I did it with chemist experts, the explosions that were in Beirut for similar events as there were in Texas City or China is a different kind of explosion. First of all because it happens in at least two tactics, second thing for example in Texas City we know that someone lit a fire for a certain purpose, she ran away from him and got to the ammonia.

Here there is no explanation as to why seven years since the ship unloaded this cargo in Beirut, seven years nothing happened there, what someone did there, may not be malicious, but someone did something there that led to at least two explosions, and we do not have that thing.

As far as I know, we will not have Lebanon, when this hilarious commission of inquiry appointed by the Hezbollah-controlled government will draw the conclusions – there will be some port workers there who will pay a heavy price. But that will not give the answer. ”

So what could it be? That Hezbollah is related to what happened there?

“The materials were kept there, everyone knew that these materials, are seven years there. The ship was on its way from Georgia to Mozambique, due to a technical malfunction it is unloading in Beirut, the owners are abandoning etc. Seven years it sits there. This material is used for positive things like preparing fertilizers for agriculture, but on the other hand can be used for manufacturing, and is used for manufacturing, industrial explosives. But they have another aspect, in these materials it is possible to improvise fuel for missiles. “Someone was willing to put up with it, and that someone must be in Hezbollah, that this material 2,700 tons is lying there in 64,000 sacks.”

At the heart of a civilian population.

“The entire port was destroyed, it is a port that receives 3,000 ships a year. Lebanon currently has no port, it will not ask for Haifa, maybe something in the north. But I want to say something that was omitted from this endless discussion with us, what happened there. It should be remembered – the person who actually manages the port of Beirut and not in this title is Nasrallah’s brother-in-law, the head of Hezbollah’s security services, married to Nasrallah’s sister – this is the man.

With us, we will all remember that with such a dismissive smile he handed us the bodies of our two soldiers killed in the barter deal. He is the man according to whom he will rule anything in the port of Lebanon, he should be asked and from whom an answer should be obtained, but he does not usually speak in public. ”

Nasrallah also remained silent. This warehouse with all the materials in the civilian population, will anyone come to Hezbollah with questions? Will it hurt their grip?

“I said yesterday that Nasrallah is immersed in the mud in the mud up to his waist and he knows it, it’s not that he does not know – he is in the mud. Lebanon has a big outcry, 350,000 people have lost their place of residence. There is no country in Lebanon, when you talk about Lebanon, you are talking about the corpse of a country.

It is a country in a pit of $ 100 billion in debts that it has nowhere to take, no one to give it money to finish the month, as they say. It is a country of 3.5 million middle class people who have dived into the depths of the poverty line and I can go on and on.

There is not much to look forward to in this matter, so the general public in Lebanon is powerfully expressed on social media and in other ways, their rage goes out to the entire political stratum in Lebanon, between those on the side of Hezbollah and those against it. Because they robbed the country through a banking system, for years they abandoned the residents, as they abandoned the port. “So everyone is kidnapping, and most of all Hezbollah is kidnapping.”

What is your position on the Tel Aviv Municipality’s decision to light the municipal building with the Lebanese flag? Is it really outrageous as reported?

“It does not provoke any anger in Lebanon, on the contrary, on the contrary. I do not know where these stories come from. When I saw it yesterday, it was the flag of Lebanon, the flag of the Arabs, it was not a flag of Hezbollah. A country that is disaster-stricken, I will say in person, by chance Ron Huldai’s younger brother has been my insurance consultant for many years. I sent him a message, I did not want to bother Huldai, ‘Tell your brother well done’, and so I think. ”


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