US Treasury Secretary: Tiktok will be sold – or it will be blocked in the US


US Treasury Secretary Steve Manuchin warned today (Sunday) that the Tiktok app will be forced to be sold or blocked in the United States. He said she “can not continue to act as she is.” He did not directly address President Donald Trump’s threat from Friday, in which he threatened to ban the operation of the popular video-sharing app.

Manuchin noted that the U.S. Foreign Investment Committee, which he heads, is examining Tiktok, which is considered particularly popular with young people. It is estimated that it has about a billion users worldwide. However, US officials fear that it could be used as a spy tool by Beijing. This is one of many fronts facing the two largest economies in the world.

The company denies any such possibility. The app’s operations manager in the United States, Vanessa Paps, protected Tiktok and told users that the company was working to benefit from “the safest app.” In a message posted on the app, she stressed: “We are not going to go anywhere.”

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