US intelligence: “Russia acts against Biden – China does not want …


A trustee for maintaining a lawful and proper procedure in the US presidential election in November addressed a number of possible threats and warned against outside interference In the Russian opposition

Trump vs. Biden. The presidential election fights | Processing: Reuters

In the US, elections are approaching – and so is the intelligence community: The most senior officer in U.S. intelligence, entrusted with guarding the election process, yesterday (Friday) presented the threats hovering over the November presidential election – and warned of outside interference.

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William Avenina, head of the National Counter-Intelligence Center and the most senior officer entrusted with securing the U.S. election process, said it was estimated “China and Iran do not want Trump to win the election again.” On the other hand, he said, “Russia is working against Biden.”

Strong leaders - Putin
President Putin. Prepared to intervene in the election? | Photo: shutterstock

In a public statement, Avenina added that China is expanding its efforts towards November and that it is trying to shape the US political climate, which also includes pressure on politicians. In the background, Trump’s harsh criticism of China since the outbreak of the corona plague. “China prefers that President Trump, whom Beijing sees as unexpected, not be re-elected.”

Russia, on the other hand, says it makes extensive use of a variety of means at its disposal in order to blacken Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and what it sees as the “anti-Russian establishment” in the United States. This is not surprising, given that during Biden’s tenure as Vice President of the Trump administration, he expressed support for the Russian opposition.

Xi Jinping
Following the criticism: Xi Jinping against Trump | Photo: Kevin Frayer, gettyimages

In Iran, Avenina noted, trying to “undermine U.S. democratic institutions, work against President Trump, and to divide the country.” The background to support the Democratic candidate in Tehran comes in the wake of the heavy economic pressure the U.S. continues to exert under the Trump administration.

Rouhani announced a withdrawal from the agreement about a month ago
Against the background of economic pressure, Iran is in favor of Biden | Photo: AP, News

The readiness and possibility for states to intervene in the November 2020 presidential election will put American defense against foreign intervention to the test, after in the previous round Trump repeatedly ruled out the claim that the Kremlin had a role in his presidential election. Russia was then blamed by U.S. intelligence for the intervention, alleging that it acted to aid Trump – and sabotaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


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