US boycott of Tiktok, “I have the authority”


US President Donald Trump told reporters last night that he would act today (Saturday) to impose a boycott in the US on the ticketing video app – NBC reports. The president made the remarks on the Air Force 1 presidential plane during a flight from Florida back to Washington. “As far as Tiktok is concerned, we are boycotting them from the United States,” the president said, calling the operation a “disconnect.” Trump did not explicitly state whether he would act through a presidential decree or otherwise, according to NBC.

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A TikTok spokesman told NBC News that the app has helped create jobs across the U.S. and that it is committed to user privacy. Said a ticking spokesman in a statement. “Our $ 1 billion creators’ fund supports creators who generate revenue from our platform.”

“Tiktok’s US user data is stored in the US, with strict control over employee access,” the statement said. “Tiktok’s largest investors come from the US. That create content on our platform. ”

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President Trump’s remarks come amid reports yesterday (Friday) that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Tiktok from Chinese owner BateDance. Trump has told reporters he does not support the deal.

Chinese BateDance launched Tiktok in 2017. The video-sharing app gained widespread popularity from the outbreak of the Corona plague, with 2 billion downloads in April alone, according to Sensor Tower. Its main competitors are Facebook and Snap. According to an earlier estimate this week on Reuters, the company’s value is estimated at $ 50 billion.

Microsoft declined to comment on the contacts, which were first reported in BusinessWeek. Tiktok said yesterday: “While we do not respond to rumors and speculation, we are confident of Tiktok’s long – term success.”

A few weeks ago, the Trump administration first publicly stated that it was considering banning ticketing operations in the country, due to concerns about ByteDance’s ties with China and the approach that using the app could impart to Beijing customer data.

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