Uriel Degani moves to Betar Jerusalem


Guy Ben Ziv 04/08/2020 11:42
cereal. Teddy (Radad Jabara, Graphics: Carolina Arichman)

cereal. Teddy (Radad Jabara, Graphics: Carolina Arichman)

Three weeks have passed since Beitar Jerusalem and Hapoel Tel Aviv announced that Moshe Hogg’s club is taking advantage of the brake section Ural Degani To move him from Khodorov to home and garden. Today (Tuesday) the transfer became official after a player of the Israeli national team agreed to a contract offered to him in the capital.

Degani’s salary for the upcoming game season will be about $ 200,000, a considerable amount during this period when Betar players were required to cut their salaries by 30%. The Jerusalem club defines it as one of the best brakes in the country and according to the announcement also “one of the fastest brakes”. What surprised some of the players was the agreement of celebrating to sign Degani in advance with a three-year commitment, until the age of 35.

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Betar announcement: “Ural Degani brakeman concluded today at Betar Jerusalem for three years. Degani, one of the leading and fastest brakemen in Israel, will arrive at the club’s offices and sign the agreement, and immediately after that he will join Roni Levy’s squad. 31-year-old Degani, played in the past At Maccabi Netanya, Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Tel Aviv, he made 12 appearances for the Israeli national team. ”

Degani, the former captain of Hapoel Tel Aviv (159 appearances and 5 goals in all competitions), will sign for three years in the yellow-black uniform and will significantly strengthen Roni Levy’s back line. Already yesterday, the brakeman informed the heads of Hapoel Tel Aviv that he had given up the option of playing abroad and he wanted to move to Teddy.

Cereals precede Flumin (Radad Jabara)Cereals precede Flumin (Radad Jabara)

It is important to mention that Degani stayed with the club during his difficult time and went down with him to the sub-league. The brake was a significant part of the dominant promotion campaign back to the Premier League and also led Tel Aviv to the semi-finals of the State Cup this season.

This is not the first time that such a significant red captain and brake has made the move on Road 1. It is impossible not to remember the transfer that stunned Israeli football when Shimon Gershon joined Arkady Gaydamak’s team.


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