Unusual birthday for Meghan – Blue Blood


Meghan sees her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday bogged down in the publisher’s delaying tactics. She has already had to pay over $ 75,000 in legal fees to the Mail, who won the first round in the process. The Duchess is now trying to prevent five girlfriends from being publicized by name and possibly even testifying. The five spoke on their own initiative last year – according to Meghan, at least – with the American magazine People to talk about how great she was and how she suffered from the negative press.


Through their noses and lips they revealed that there was an exchange of letters between Meghan and her father Thomas Markle; De Mail then got hold of that private letter and quoted it selectively, provoking the lawsuit. Few journalists believe that the Duchess did not know about her friends’ action. That may come up when questioned, which would turn the whole lawsuit in a different direction.

Also, no one believes that Meghan and Harry did not cooperate – as they claim – on the Finding Freedom biography that will be released later this month and parts of which have already been published. “The book that would explain their actions, thoughts and feelings of the past few years has already been ridiculed and has sparked angry reactions in some places,” Daily Express noted Monday. This does not improve their image, but deteriorates it partly because they come across as a bunch of nagging, spoiled children.

Ethical travel expert

Meghan has also not yet won any interesting contracts with which the desired financial independence can be paid for. The corona pandemic has of course not helped, but husband Harry has only lost influence. His positioning as an ‘ethical travel expert’ via the new organization Travalyst was immediately canceled last week. “The message is fine, but the messenger is the wrong one,” said a former British transport minister. Jet setter Harry who asks the tourism industry to take the environment more “is like a meat eater who advocates vegetarianism.”

Source: ANP


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