Unmanned cameras and higher fines: CD&V wants to take tougher action against smartphones in the car


But if that doesn’t help, it should also be possible to take strict action, says CD&V. In the first place, by clearly writing the offense in the law: “At the moment you can only be fined if you have your mobile in your hand, not if you clamp it between your ear and your shoulder. That should be adjusted in the law. . ” Van den Bergh also wants the police to make the fight against smartphones a priority. “Few people are caught now, because that is not easy. So let’s also make determinations possible with dashcams (cameras that are on the dashboard, ed.) Or with unmanned cameras. Now they are not allowed to determine smartphone use yet, I have a bill ready to adjust that. ” CD&V also advocates making smartphone use a violation of the third degree, and no longer of the second degree. This would increase the fine from 116 to 174 euros.


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