Universities and colleges offer up to 30 percent physical education


Universities and colleges will physically offer a maximum of 30 percent of their education in the coming year. This is evident from a tour of BNR along various educational institutions. First-years are often given priority. ‘You will not hear me say that the quality is just as good’, says chairman Pieter Duisenberg, chairman of the Association of Universities VSNU.

ANP Jeroen Jumelet

Quality remains less

According to Duisenberg, that thirty percent is based on a calculation of that one-and-a-half meter rule. ‘Everything is aimed at minimizing the study delay, but everyone has come to realize how important that physical education is. You will not hear me say that the quality is just as good as physical education, no, absolutely not. ‘

Step in the right direction

Duisenberg does say that it is a step in the right direction. ‘We were completely online at first. This is a first step, I think it will make quality another huge step forward. It will be better for everyone, but it will not compare to physical education, which is much more intensive, so you can have conversations. ‘

When asked, Duisenberg says about the demand from students for a refund of tuition fees: ‘The education provided is good. People can pass the exams with that, we have strict quality regulations and that quality is achieved. But it doesn’t keep up with what is normally offered.

Studying is more than just learning

According to Dahran Çoban chairman of the Interurban Student Consultation, studying is more than just sitting in the classroom. ‘Studying is a broad social development. By organizing your own affairs, by joining an association, by being enterprising, by entering into employee participation. That is a lot more difficult from a distance. ‘

Çoban points out that it is mainly physical limitations. ‘We are bursting at the seams in our own buildings.’ The chairman argues for the use of sports centers and churches that are also used for exams and for large buildings such as theaters that are empty during the day. And for more attention to the other aspects of studying.


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