United States Crosses Five Million Corona Infections | NOW


The United States has passed the mark of five million corona infections. This is according to data from Johns Hopkins University on Sunday.

The US has long been the leader in the number of corona infections, above Brazil (3 million), India (2 million) and Russia (885,000). In addition, with more than 162,000 deaths, the country also leads the list with the highest death toll.

New York was the epicenter of the virus outbreak in the US in March, but the virus spread rapidly through the rest of the country in the months that followed. After strict measures in the spring, the rules were gradually relaxed. This has led to a sharp increase in the number of new infections since June.

Compared to the first American fires in Washington, New York and New Jersey, the number of people dying from the coronavirus is currently quite low. Experts warn that this will increase in the coming weeks, as it usually takes several weeks for a patient to die from the coronavirus.


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