Undercover star drops lockdown movie on Netflix


Undercoverstar Frank Lammers has not been idle in recent months. She’s new lockdown movie Greetings from Gerri is now on Netflix!

It will be strange Oscars this year. Due to the current pandemic, all cinemas were closed first. Even now that they are open, there is hardly anything to see for the fans, despite sympathetic stunts from Pathé and others.

Hollywood is quiet

After all, studios keep their large blockbusters behind them for a while, now that rooms only run on limited capacity. With full halls, it is already tough enough to recoup sky-high production costs.

In the meantime, Hollywood has also come to a complete stop. A handful of actors make creative use of the restrictions, resulting in great initiatives. Zendaya and David Washington even filmed a secret lockdown movie.

Frank Lammers in lockdown-film

Now the Netherlands also has its first real lockdown movie: Greetings from Gerri. That’s a new project from Undercoveractor Frank Lammers. Instead of a drug lord, he plays a teacher in Greetings from Gerri.

The lockdown film is about Gerri van Vlokhoven, who teaches his students in a clumsy way because of the pandemic from home.

That is fine, until after a lesson he forgets to turn off her webcam. The fact that the teacher then decides to dance in his white underpants does not make it any better. They blonde go viral, with all its consequences.

Now on Netflix

Frank Lammers does not only play the leading role Greetings from Gerri, but was also responsible for directing the film.

The comedy is made in a setting full of limitations, but because the film is also about it, it fits perfectly with the current situation that viewers often find themselves in. Recommended!

Greetings from Gerri Until last weekend was only seen on Pathé Thuis, but has also been on Netflix since yesterday (August 2). Start streaming! Check the official trailer below.

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Surprise: Undercover star drops lockdown movie on Netflix


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