Under a cloak of secrecy: Yair Netanyahu celebrated a birthday at a hotel in Tel Aviv


The Netanyahu family celebrated Yair Netanyahu’s 29th birthday last night (Tuesday) at the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv. The hotel belongs to billionaire Zack Gertler, who also hosted Netanyahu’s 70th birthday at home. Netanyahu’s office said that this was a private event that took place in accordance with the Corona’s guidelines.

As far as is known at the party the close family members attended and on their behalf it was reported that the private event took place in accordance with the corona restrictions.

The guards at the scene, as well as the receptionists, did not tell anyone about News 12 Amit Hasson What is the meaning of the event, and only speaks of it being an event of “senior personality”. All attempts to obtain confirmation of the fact that it was Yair’s birthday, or to enter the hotel in any way, have raised eyebrows.


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