‘UEFA should never have put Makkelie in this situation’


Former referee Dick Jol believes that UEFA has made a mistake by appointing Danny Makkelie for the Champions League match between Olympique Lyon and Manchester City. When the French lose, Ajax is sure of a place in the group stage of the Champions League next season.

‘That is in the interest of Dutch football. UEFA should never have brought Danny into this situation, ‘said the former arbitrator The Telegraph. He doesn’t want to be misunderstood. ‘I have no doubts about the integrity of Makkelie. He looks very good at UEFA and is doing great internationally. ‘

Yet Jol thinks that Makkelie will have appearances against Saturday through no fault of his own. “Fortunately, France only has a few small sports newspapers,” says Jol cynically. ‘They will be big every day and will not rest until Makkelie has been removed from that match, I suspect. There is a lot at stake financially and sportingly. ‘

Should Manchester City win against Olympique Lyon, all French arrows will be aimed at Makkelie, expects Jol. ‘Let alone if the decision comes in the final phase due to an easily given penalty. The last month has proven that as a top arbiter you are at the mercy of the gods with the VAR. There is only one person who does not use his hands and that is a penguin. Nice if you stand in Makkelie ‘s shoes and have to give a penalty to City in the final minute for hands… Good luck.’

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