Ubisoft gives us a new version of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s first trailer


Normally, the trailer of a video game (or movie, series, etc.) is shown only once for the first time. After all, revealing him for the second time will not exactly lead to positive reactions. Unless you remix it.

That’s exactly what Ubisoft has done with the first trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, in which two things have changed: the gender of Eivor and the underlying soundtrack. The first is of course to show that you can choose your own gender, but that is not the most important either. It is the soundtrack that we owe this trailer to, as the song you hear is one of the seven tracks on the The Ravens Saga EP. This is the game’s second album and contains the following compositions:

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Main Theme (feat. Einar Selvik) – Sarah Schachner, Jesper Kyd
  2. Son of Fjord – Jesper Kyd
  3. Asgard – Hall of the Aesir (feat. Einar Selvik) – Sarah Schachner
  4. Skullcrusher – Einar Selvik
  5. Odin’s Plunder – Sarah Schachner
  6. The Well of Wyrd – Jesper Kyd
  7. Vígahugr – Lust for Battle (Skaldic Version) – Einar Selvik

Sarah Schachner said of the composition of the soundtrack: “We want the atmosphere of the soundtrack to immediately transport the listener to a different time and place. A place full of mystery and uncertainty. We have used Norwegian instruments in a modern way. The soundtrack represents Eivor’s journey and the Vikings’ hope for a better life as they head south. ” Jesper Kyd added, “We want to bring Eivor’s journey to life, what them [de Vikingen] drives and the bond they have with their family. Eivor is looking for something and this desire to find it is an important element that is reflected in the melody. ”


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