U23 Club Brugge get a chance in 1B: ‘In principle only one season’


First Division B will look completely different next season. This way Lierse Kempenzonen will get a place in the competition, but also the U23 of Club Brugge will play in it. Although that may not be for long.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from the General Assembly on Friday was that Club Brugge U23 may take part in First Division B. Next season. Roeselare is not satisfied, but that arrangement may not be for long either.

In The last news it can be read that this arrangement is in principle only valid for one season. “We have decided to take this opportunity to let young people play,” said Pro League President Peter Croonen.

“Other clubs also wanted to play in 1B – Anderlecht, AA Gent, Racing Genk … -, but we were unable to record any more U23 teams at the moment,” he says. ”

It is hoped that in the future more promise teams will be able to play in 1B. “In two seasons, we hope to convince 1B that it is a good idea to integrate the pledge teams. In order to expand 1B as well,” Croonen said.


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