Two young men were killed in the yard of a house on appeal from two deteriorating vehicles


Two young men in their 20s were killed recently (Thursday) after being hit by two vehicles that apparently deteriorated after a deteriorating truck hit them, while sitting in the middle of a house in the Dharat neighborhood in Arara. MDA medics and paramedics who were called to the scene found that they were lifeless and had to be pronounced dead.

Mika Oz, an MDA paramedic, said: “When we arrived at the scene, we noticed a truck that hit two vehicles that slipped into the yard and hit a young man and woman in their 20s. “They suffered a very severe multi-system injury. In the medical tests we performed in the field, they were without signs of life, and we have no choice but to determine their deaths.”

Photo: Fire and Rescue for Israel – Coastal District
Photo: Fire and Rescue for Israel – Coastal District

Five fire crews under the command of Joshua Ohana were operating at the scene of the accident. The firefighters who arrived identified the private vehicle as it was in the yard of a private home, blown away by the force of the blow, and beneath it are two trapped.

A tractor that passed by the scene assisted in lifting the private vehicle and the firefighters rescued them to the medical forces who were forced to determine their deaths. Two others were lightly injured in the incident.

The traffic inspectors of the Israel Police opened an investigation upon receiving the report of a vehicle that rolled into a garden in Arara, where a family was sitting at the holiday dinner, when as a result of the accident, two local residents were killed.

An initial inspection revealed that a truck had slipped and hit two vehicles parked nearby, as a result of which the hit one of the vehicles slipped and fell into a garden where the family was sitting.

As stated, the investigation of the incident at the beginning to examine the circumstances.


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