Two suspects photographed themselves traveling with IDF weapons in Eilat


The video shows the two traveling in the hotel area of ​​the city with one of the occupants of the vehicle holding an M-16 weapon loaded with a cartridge, and stepping on it several times. An initial inspection revealed that the weapon belonged to a soldier serving in the Eilat sector, and his details were transferred to DIP. The two were located, detained for questioning and released.

In the video: Documentation of a person traveling with an M16 on alert throughout Eilat (Israel Police spokeswoman)
Screw the weapon several times (Photo: From the documentation)

Police said that “the video was released last night and came to us shortly after midnight.” They located the vehicle in the Dimona sector and arrested the two suspects there. Without the soldier and the weapons. It was also reported that “it turned out that they were in Eilat with the soldier and dropped him off at the base in the Eilat sector.” The police arrived at the base, made sure he and the weapon were there and transferred the treatment to the forehead. “


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