Two promotions for our Belgian referees: Lawrence …


Lawrence Visser has a nice promotion. As the first Belgian referee since Bart Vertenten, he is part of the first group of the UEFA Referees, which puts him just one step away from the elite group, which includes the referees who whistle the most important matches at championships and tournaments. For Visser it is the second PhD in just over a year. There is also good news for Erik Lambrechts, he is promoted to group 2.

UEFA divides referees into four categories: category elite, 1, 2 and 3. Referees are judged during matches by referee observers and then, based on their reports, it is decided whether a ref is eligible to move up a category. After Visser already rose to the second group last season, he will also be promoted to the first group this year, which puts him just one step away from the coveted elite division.

Until the end of November 2018, Belgium had two referees in the first group with Sebastien Delferière and Bart Vertenten, but they dropped out due to the Clean Hands file. Visser now seems to have the best chance of being the first to follow in Frank De Bleeckere’s footsteps. He was the last Belgian referee to make it to the elite group. Visser is only one group away from that. Visser has already been designated for a UEFA Nations League match in September.

There is also good news for Erik Lambrechts. He is promoted to the second group and finds two Belgians there with Alexandre Boucaut and Jonathan Lardot. “These two promotions are the result of the hard work that both referees and their colleagues have put in over the past year,” said the Referee Department.

Erik Lambrechts


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