Two out of three tourists do not fill out the form on return …


Saturday, Adinkerke, border with France. It is changing weekend, so many people return from their foreign trip. However, since August 1, it is mandatory to complete a digital form 48 hours before returning home. The measure applies to everyone, regardless of whether you have been on holiday in a green, orange or red zone. But tourists who traveled by car hardly seem to do that.

33 out of 51 vehicles turned out to be out of order, which is two out of three. “For the time being we have given them a warning. From Monday, those who are not in order will receive an official report, “says Jana Verdegem of the federal police.

In the coming week, there will be a single border crossing check every day. “Then the checks can be stepped up. To the extent possible. The road police are less manned during the summer. ” Public health minister Maggie De Block (Open VLD) counts on the responsibility of the people.

Those who return by plane do not escape the form: people are not allowed to leave the airport before they have completed it.

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