Two Belgian women kidnapped, robbed and abused at the time …


Two Belgian women, aged 32 and 40, were kidnapped for 16 hours during their holiday in Colombia. At that time they were robbed and sexually assaulted, while the perpetrators filmed everything with their smartphones.

The facts date back to February 23 and 24, but were only now known because the Colombian police only now managed to arrest two suspects. The two women were then on vacation in the Cocora Valley, located near Los Nevados Natural Park and the town of Salento, when they were kidnapped by two men. They were threatened with a firearm and forced into sexual acts with each other. The perpetrators filmed everything and may have distributed the images online, although that could not yet be proven. The women also had to hand over all their precious possessions.

Six months after the facts, two suspects were arrested. It concerns Yull Brynier Orozco and Jorge Ivan Hernández, two men who would have kidnapped a 24-year-old Frenchwoman in the days before. Both men are currently in jail awaiting trial.


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