Twente supermarket that ignored the ban on the safety region


Despite the safety region’s ban, Berning had opened the supermarket at 8 a.m. this morning. The security region had informed Berning by letter yesterday that he must keep his shop closed from today until the store is adapted to the applicable corona rules.

Two officers and two enforcers came this morning to check, but left again. The supermarket remained open. Until 10 am, when Berning locked the door anyway. He says he does not want to bring the conflict he has with the security region to a head.

Bus at the door

Dozens of people came to the grocery store this morning to show support for owner Raymond Berning, who had parked a bus for his business before it opened. He said he did this to prevent enforcers from blocking the supermarket.

To the applause of bystanders, the bus was pulled away at 8 a.m. and the shop opened.

‘It ends once’

Berning says he did not receive the letter instructing the security region to remain closed. According to the security region, the shop on the German border has been checked several times and several warnings have been issued.

A fine has also been imposed. “It stops once. More people regularly walk in that store than should according to the floor space. And then it is not about an incident of customers accidentally passing each other at too short a distance, it is just really too busy. especially with German customers. ”

Berning disputes that he has often been warned. He also says he complies with all corona guidelines. He says he is the victim of ‘incompetent boas and short-sightedness of the security region’.

‘He’s turning it into a game’

Deputy chairman of the Twente Security Region Arjen Gerritsen, also mayor of Almelo, says he is happy that no police force needed to be deployed.

He had previously said that the Twente security region would use administrative coercion to force Berning to close his shop if he were not to do so himself. According to Gerritsen, Berning has been warned many times since the beginning of April. There were 18 violations of corona rules in his supermarket. “He hasn’t done anything for four months. He’s turning it into a game and takes up an awful lot of time from the police, boas, municipality and GGD. He shouldn’t want that himself.”

Gerritsen says that the shopkeeper has always been approached ‘long-suffering and friendly’. “He has been pointed out many times about the social importance of the rules, which apply to all of us.”


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