Twelve residents of asylum seekers’ center Delfzijl infected with corona virus


Twelve residents of the asylum seekers’ center in Delfzijl are infected with the corona virus. The infected people have been placed in isolation on location, reports the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA).

The first infection came to light at the end of last week, when one of the residents with complaints reported to the medical service of the azc. It tested positive.

Contact inquiries

After a contact investigation by the GGD, more asylum seekers were tested. Contact investigations were again conducted around the residents who were also found to be infected. That has led to twelve confirmed corona infections so far.

According to COA, activities in and around the asylum seekers’ center have been halted in order to prevent further spread of the virus as much as possible. The other residents of the reception center were asked to observe the precautionary measures extra carefully and to report in case of (mild) complaints.

Risk group preventively elsewhere

Five residents belonging to the risk group were voluntarily transferred preventively to another reception location. It is unknown which location that is.

The COA says, together with the GGD, it will keep a close eye on the situation, in order to take other measures if necessary.


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