Turn coach Vincent Wevers denies the use of physical violence Sport


“I have never hit or kicked a gymnast in my entire gymnastics career. I have not used physical violence, which is a very harsh allegation. I do not want to go into it further, we leave it to the investigation where the truth is, ”Wevers told the WE.

Ex-gymnast Joy Goedkoop told her story last Sunday. “I was beaten and kicked by him. Not daily. The belittling, getting angry and ignoring happened daily, ”said Goedkoop at the WE about Vincent Wevers.

She trained from the age of seven to the age of twelve in Oldenzaal under Wevers. Then she transferred to Heerenveen to train under coach Gerben Wiersma. “In Heerenveen the physical violence was over, but it was also inhumane there. There was no room for fatigue, injuries and other feelings, ”said Goedkoop.

“With the knowledge I now have I would never do that again”

Nevertheless, Wevers confesses that in the past he would have liked to have acted differently towards his athletes. “In the initial phase of your development (as a gymnastics trainer, ed.) You will see where you take your knowledge away. I joined the culture that was there then. One of the culture determinants was the trainer we talked about ”, Wevers refers to the much discussed Gerrit Beltman.

“There was little room for gymnasts to participate. With the knowledge I have now I would never never do it again. I never went into the room with wrong intentions, but that doesn’t mean we did it right then. It was a wrong time, I think that is very bad with today’s knowledge. ”

“I regret that gymnasts who report now mention these things and still suffer from them. I just really mind that. That was never my intention, but it is there. I realize that. They are right, because that is how they experienced it. ”

Olympic Games 2016: the very happy Sanne Wevers hugs her father Vincent Wevers. She took gold.

Olympic Games 2016: the very happy Sanne Wevers hugs her father Vincent Wevers. She took gold.

“The culture was tough and spartan. When you talk about regret, for example, I really regret the scales. There was a culture that you weighed before and after training. That was not with false intentions, but to monitor the weight and height of the curve. ”

“The culture was tough and spartan”

“I know afterwards that those gymnasts have experienced this in a completely different way and that there are gymnasts who still suffer from this to this day. I am very sorry about that. I sincerely regret that. ”

As a result of a shower of complaints about transgressive behavior, the gymnastics association (KNGU) on Wednesday pulled the plug from the top sports program for women. A number of ‘suspicious trainers’, including Vincent Wevers and national coach Gerben Wiersma, are involved in that national selection program.

After the ongoing accusations of intimidation, humiliation, insults and even physical violence, the board and board of the KNGU think it is time for a big gesture, a far-reaching measure. The allegations against, among others, the bond trainers Wiersma and Wevers will be submitted to the Institute for Sports Justice (ISR).

Sanne Wevers earns the necessary points. Her father coach Vincent Wevers is happy.

Sanne Wevers earns the necessary points. Her father coach Vincent Wevers is happy.

Stopping the top sports program for women is no half-measure. Under the leadership of the coaches Wiersma and Wevers, a select group of top players has been working towards the Olympic Games in Tokyo for years, which are now scheduled for the summer of 2021. This group also includes Olympic champion Sanne Wevers and twin sister Lieke, who are accompanied by their father Vincent Wevers. It is clear that the drastic measure of the gymnastics federation has hit the top selection like a bomb.

“They are shocked, indignant and emotional. We see and feel the same pain. I have to embrace and understand that emotion. But I also have to look at how we can shape their ambition in consultation with those athletes in the coming weeks. They have that right ”, said Mark Meijer, technical director KNGU, earlier this week. The gymnasts continue to train at club level for the time being.


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