Turn coach Vincent Wevers denies allegations of hitting and kicking


Wevers about the allegations: “In my entire gymnastics career I have never hit or kicked a gymnast. I have not used physical violence, that is an allegation that is very hard. I do not want to go into it further, we leave the investigation where the truth is. ” Also colleague at the gymnastics association, Gerben Wiersma, was accused. Both have now been put on non-active terms. That is as long as the investigation into the two is ongoing.

“There was no room for feeling and emotion. You didn’t get the chance to be a child,” he was accused. “It does a lot to me. I am devastated by this.”

Culture determinants

He looks back with an unpleasant feeling on his early days as a trainer: “In the initial phase of your development (as a gymnastics trainer) you look where you take your knowledge away. I joined the culture that was there at the time. One of the culture leaders was the trainer we talked about. ” That is Gerrit Beltman. He came up with a story about its history last week. This opened the cesspool.

Little room for participation

“There was little room for gymnasts to participate. With the knowledge I have now, I would never do that again. I never went into the hall with wrong intentions, but that does not mean that we did well at the time. It was a bad time, I find that very bad with the knowledge of today, “says Wevers.

“I regret that gymnasts who report now mention these things and still suffer from them. I just really mind that,” says Wevers. “That was never my intention, but it is there. I realize that. They are right, because that is how they experienced it.”


“The culture was tough and spartan,” continues Wevers, who also realizes what comments were made about the weight of the gymnasts. “That is a point with all gymnasts and I realize that too. When you talk about regret, for example, I am very sorry for the scales. There was a culture that you weighed before and after training. That was not wrong intentions, but to monitor how the curve was in weight and height. ”

Turning point

In 2007 a study was conducted by gymnastics club TON in Oldenzaal. Wevers wanted to know what the effect of their training was. “It showed that we fell short in the way we gave training. All kinds of recommendations came out, one of which is that we started working with a sports psychologist. That made me a different kind of coach. I’m good there in supervised, for me that has been the turning point in my career. ”


In addition, Wevers also indicates that he is willing to enter into a conversation with the gymnasts and apologize to them. “Maybe they are not waiting for it at all, but of course that is possible.”

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