Turkey: History will not forgive the Emirates; Iran: The agreement is dangerous


The two countries, which are in dispute with Abu Dhabi, have condemned the normalization agreement. “Hypocritical behavior,” they said in Ankara. Tehran warned: “Stabbing Palestinians in the back, Emirates will bear the consequences”

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In the video: Trump on the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates: “The annexation came off the table” (Photo: Reuters, edited by Itai Amram)

The normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates today (Friday) received angry reactions from Turkey and Iran, both of which are in dispute with Abu Dhabi.

The Foreign Ministry in Ankara said that “the history and conscience of the peoples of the region will not forget and will not forgive” the “hypocritical” behavior of the emirates. In a written statement, it was stated that the Palestinian people and their leadership have the right to show firm opposition to the “Abraham Agreement”, which was mediated under the auspices of the United States and under which annexation was frozen in the territories. The Palestinians, in response, returned the ambassador from Abu Dhabi.

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“Palestinians have the right to show strong opposition to the agreement.” Erdogan and Khamenei in 2018 (Photo: AP)

Iran said the agreement was “dangerous and illegal”. The Foreign Ministry statement said that “Abu Dhabi’s shameful move to formulate an agreement with the fake Zionist regime is dangerous, and the UAE and other supporting countries will bear the consequences.” It was also said that “this is a stabbing in the back of the Palestinians, which will strengthen regional unity against the Zionist regime.”

Reactions in the Arab and Muslim world to the third official agreement between Israel and an Arab state were divided. While Egypt and Bahrain, close allies of the emirates, welcomed the move and prevented annexation, Jordan gave a cooler response, saying that what happens next depends on Israel.


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