Trump: US will ban the use of tiktok


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Global boycott increases: US President Donald Trump announced last night (Friday) that he will ban the use of the popular video app “Tiktok” – this is because it is a Chinese-owned app, and against the background of growing tensions between the US administration and the communist regime in China.

“There is no reason for them to operate in the United States – I have a responsibility to do so,” Trump said. “We will issue an order banning their activities in the country, possibly as early as tomorrow.” A Tiktok spokesman clarified in response that “we are committed to protecting our users’ privacy.”

“This year alone we have hired close to a thousand employees for the benefit of our team in the U.S., and are proud to hire another 10,000 employees for lucrative jobs across the U.S. Our platform generates a livelihood,” the social network’s management claimed. “Tiktok’s data in the U.S. is stored within the state, with strict control over employees’ access to them. Tiktok’s largest investors come from the US.

Trump’s statement comes after senior US administration officials in recent weeks expressed concern about the Chinese app’s use of its users’ personal details. However, it is not inconceivable that Trump’s decision also has a personal motive, after a protest spread against him in Tiktok led many users to order tickets to his Oklahoma election rally – and then did not attend the event at all, leaving the president in a half-empty hall.

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What Happens to Social Networks: Boycott of TikTok

As you may recall, the Chinese social network has so far won more than a billion downloads worldwide – but has run into conflicts with a number of countries over concerns about information privacy. In India, the app was boycotted about a month ago, along with sixty other apps developed in China, claiming that it is dangerous for children who are exposed to a lot of non-educational content.

However, the real reason why the Government of India has banned the use of the app lies in the attempt to block users ’personal details from the neighboring superpower. As the voices against the world’s largest exporting powerhouse have been loud recently in the wake of the Korna virus, many have expected the Indian move to lead to a similar call in the US – as has now happened with Trump’s announcement.

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