Trump threatens with TikTok ban, users flee to Byte | Abroad


The US president suspects the Chinese creators of TikTok of illegally collecting and spying on – American – users of the app. US giant Microsoft negotiated with the Chinese to purchase TikTok’s US business, but for the time being refrained from further discussions when Trump declared it would ban the app and oppose the takeover.

Since July 9, when the first reports of US concerns came out at TikTok, some 622,000 people have already exchanged their favorite video app for Byte, a functionally similar, but American-made app, the New York Post reports. .

That sounds like a lot, but for a user number of around 800 million, TikTok is not bothered by that at the moment. However, things can go fast, according to figures from Sensor Tower, a website that keeps track of developments in mobile apps worldwide.

Student Rotem Cudkevich (20) tells the New York Post that he immediately installed Byte when he heard that TikTok might go black. Another student, Jake La Fronz (21), likes Byte even better: “Bigger and clearer icons make navigation easier.”

The New York Post reports that TikTok stars have also been spotted on Byte. Addison Rae Easterling, a dancer with more than 53 million (!) Followers on TikTok, has also opened an account on Byte. That is not that big, but she already has 15 million followers there.

Byte is a creation of Dom Hofmann, who previously made a similarly successful app with Vine.


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