Trump: “They say Kamala Harris was not born in this country” (so can’t become vice president)


At a press conference yesterday, President Trump referred to statements by a law professor that Harris would not qualify for that position, as the constitution requires. Trump did not say it himself, but the fact that he referred to it is striking.

Kamala Harris is the daughter of a black man from the Caribbean island of Jamaica and her mother was from the South Indian city of Madras (now Chennai). She was born in Oakland, California herself and there is little doubt about that.

However, the professor to whom President Trump was referring, John Eastman, has published an opinion in “Newsweek” magazine about Kamala Harris. In it he confirms that she was born in the US, but has doubts whether she meets all the conditions because her parents might only have had a student visa at the time of her birth. Many other law experts call that nonsense or downright “racist,” and one notes that Professor Eastman was a Republican candidate to become California Attorney General years ago, but it was Kamala Harris then who was able to land that position.

The constitution states that a vice president must meet the same requirements as a president (because he must be able to replace if necessary), namely:

  1. be at least 35 years old
  2. have lived in the US for at least 14 years
  3. Be “natural born citizen”, described as being born in the US (it says nothing about the status of the parents)

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