Trump takes matters into his own hands after failed negotiations …


President Donald Trump, as he previously announced, has taken matters into his own hands after Congress failed to agree on a new stimulus package for the US economy. He signed four presidential decrees on Saturday, which should provide for increased unemployment benefits, a relief in student loans and the suspension of certain evictions.

However, it remains to be seen how much impact those decisions will actually have. The White House is limited in what it can do as the US Congress controls the pennies. It is also very likely that this will be legally disputed.

Trump himself stated at a press conference from his New Jersey golf course that the Democrats will “want to take crucial aid hostage,” but he added that he still hoped that an agreement could be reached at a later date. in Congress.

White House negotiators and House Democrats again failed to agree on Friday about a new stimulus package for the US economy, which is severely hit by the corona crisis. The Democrats are pushing for a package of about $ 3,000 billion, while President Trump’s Republicans want a smaller recovery fund of about $ 1,000 billion. The main stumbling block, however, is the renewal of aid for the millions of Americans who have been made redundant by the corona crisis.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Friday that the Democrats are using the stimulus package to realize some showpieces, but that this will increase the costs. This includes additional money for schools, federal assistance for hard-hit states, and additional money for fighting the coronavirus itself.

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