Trump signs TikTok decree: app banned in 45 days


The president has long threatened to ban TikTok. He sees the app as a threat to national security, because he fears that the Chinese makers will share collected data with the Chinese government.

The Trump-signed decree bans transactions between U.S. companies and TikTok. In practice, for example, Apple and Google are no longer allowed to offer the app in their app stores from 20 September.

“The proliferation of Chinese apps continues to threaten our security,” the document reads. “The United States must take action against the owners of TikTok.”

Also WeChat

A similar decree has been signed to ban the Chinese chat app WeChat. This WhatsApp competitor has been offered worldwide for years.

TikTok can still avoid a ban if the company sells its US business to a company in the west. The data of US users must then be stored in the United States.

Microsoft acquisition

At the moment talks are being held with Microsoft about such a possible takeover. The tech giant would be willing to pay up to $ 30 billion for parts of TikTok in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, it would even be considered to buy all of TikTok.

The acquisition talks between ByteDance and Microsoft will be completed by September 15, five days before the imposed ban will take effect.


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