Trump is evacuated from a press conference following a shooting incident outside the White House


The U.S. president abruptly evacuates tonight (Monday through Tuesday) from the briefing room at the White House during a press conference. The reason, is a shooting incident near the fence that surrounds the building. To the hospital, his medical condition is not yet known.

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Donald Trump’s press conference was interrupted in an unconventional way when Secret Service men broke into his speech and whispered things in his ears. The president is urgently evacuated from the briefing room and locked in the Oval Office, with which Finance Minister Steve Manuchin and Budget Director Ras Voodoo have also been removed from the briefing.

Journalists and spectators remained stunned, until a few minutes later the president returned to the room and explained that the reason was a shooting incident near the fence surrounding the White House. He said secret service personnel shot an armed suspect and he was taken to hospital for further medical treatment. “It seems to be completely under control,” Trump said, “but there was actual shooting, and someone was taken to the hospital. I do not know what his condition is.” The president thanked the Secret Service agents and said he felt safe thanks to them. “They are professional, do a good job.”


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