Trump advises: “Elections will take place as planned”


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Trump’s surrender: Despite calls by U.S. President and Republican officials to postpone the presidential election, the White House made it clear tonight (Sunday) that the election will take place as planned in November. .

“The election will be held on November 3, there is no doubt about it. President Trump wants it too,” Jason Miller, Trump’s campaign adviser, said in an interview with Fox News. According to him, “the fear is from the Democratic governors, who are trying to extend the election campaign by promoting voting by mail, and postponing the deadline for sending ballots until after Election Day.”

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also said in an interview with CBS that while Trump fears fraud in the mail, he is not interested in postponing the election. “Trump has not considered the possibility of postponing the election – it will be held on November 3, and President Trump is going to win,” he said. “The problem is that if we try to change the voting process and send millions of ballots by mail, there will be a delay in delivering the results, because the postal services are not prepared for this situation. We must make sure the ballot is done correctly.

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Trump calls for postponing US presidential election

As you may recall, last week postponed the planned election day to November 3, against the background of the fear of allowing voting in the mail due to the corona crisis. He said the postal vote – designed to prevent polls at the polls – could lead to serious falsifications in the voting results. “If we allow a vote in the mail, the 2020 election will be the most prone to forgery and deception ever,” Trump claimed on Twitter. “It will be a huge embarrassment to America. We must postpone the November election so that people can vote safely, in the right and familiar way.”

Despite Trump’s wishes, the final decision on the date of the vote is in the hands of members of the US Congress, and postponing the election date requires the approval of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Because Democrats now hold a majority in the House of Representatives, it is estimated that the lower house of Congress will oppose the postponement of the election and not raise the vote at all for the Senate – where there is a Republican majority.

Even if Congress agrees to postpone the election, Trump will still end his current term on January 20, 2021 – and will not be able to continue as president if the election does not take place before that date. Under the U.S. Constitution, if the election is postponed after the end of the term, the House Speaker – Democrat Nancy Plus – will serve as interim president until the election.

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