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In their days, if Maccabi Tel Aviv were to enter the race for one player or another in a team with a team the size of Real Madrid, the people who would “put their money” on the Israeli champion are few. Why? For the simple reason that Real Madrid is an economic power, and Maccabi Tel Aviv “A little less. And yet, it seems that Ante Žižić chose the least affordable option. This morning (Thursday), Spain tried to figure out why.

According to local media, the situation created by the corona crisis has significantly affected Blancos. Real, whose revenues are based on the sale of tickets and subscriptions and the sale of merchandise, has accumulated a deficit of over one hundred million euros and the hand is still outstretched, as it is not clear what will give birth to a day next season. In addition, like all the other teams, Real lost the Euroleague TV and marketing contracts.

The bright spot, at least that’s what Real hoped, was supposed to be the revenue from the sale of Pecondo Campasso, whose price tag is 6 million euros. The Argentine, it will be recalled, has been interested in moving to the NBA for quite some time and has made it clear to Real that he will be waiting for the free agent window of the best league in the world, which will start on October 18. The problem, for Blancos, is that the quarterback’s departure section has no expiration date – so she just has to wait for his decision, and Žižić is left hanging in the air.

Campaso, as mentioned, has an astronomical release clause of six million dollars – of which 750,000 will be paid by the NBA team that will absorb him, and the rest from his pocket. Real tried to reach a solution in the Campaso sector quickly enough to sign Zizić, when Marca claimed that he had been offered to leave now without receiving the salaries of August, September and October – a total of about 1.25 million euros gross. In doing so, Real would have managed to sign Žižić, but it seemed that it was too little and too late.

On top of all that, of course, joins Žižić’s own desire to return to the NBA. If he signs for Real Madrid, as is well known, he will probably serve as a replacement for Tabras, which means that his role will not be as central as it would be if he signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Now, Real, who officially opened the 20/21 season yesterday, are faced with two options: first, to make a last-minute snatch on the chin, which seems unreal given the deficit it has accumulated. The second is to “give up” to Maccabi Tel Aviv and focus on players who will be eliminated from the best league in the world. One way or another, the Israeli champion can be satisfied, since in Spain they announced: Zizic is moving away from Real Madrid.


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