Travel agency Tui acknowledges to have made mistakes with an infected passenger


General manager Arjan Kers of Tui Nederland acknowledges that the travel organization made mistakes in admitting a man on a flight to Curaçao who was told during the trip that he was infected with the corona virus. “That man should not have boarded, that is very clear,” said Kers on Sunday evening at Reporter Radio on Radio 1.

The man had previously performed a so-called gargle test, but tested negative. The authorities in Curaçao no longer recognize the results of such a test. Reason that the man was tested again with others before departure at Schiphol, with a swab from the throat and nose. The result of this came during the flight; he turned out to have lung disease among the members.

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Topman Kers: “Looking back now, I would have preferred not to let this person travel. We always talk about safe and responsible, in this case it just did not go well. ”



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