Travel advice Aruba tightened up to code orange after sharp increase in corona figures | NOW


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has tightened the travel advice to Aruba on Saturday because of a significant recent increase in corona figures. For the time being, it is only recommended to travel if there is really no other option.

Aruba thus becomes the fourth island of the Caribbean part of the Dutch kingdom to be given code orange. Travel to St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba was previously discouraged, although the travel advice for the last two islands has been announced due to the very strict corona measures that apply locally.

In Aruba, the number of infections rose at a relatively fast pace this week. In the last months, around 150 infections were detected, while in the last days successively 39, 92 and 133 new cases were added.

This brings the total to a relatively small number of 396, while three residents have died so far. In the meantime, the government is trying to contain the outbreak with additional measures and recommends wearing a mouth mask at all times.

Grouping ban tightened and restrictions for bars and cafes

Since this week, a maximum of four people are allowed to sit at one table in catering establishments. Live music in bars and cafes is not allowed, contact sports are prohibited and the ban on gathering in public areas has been reduced to a limit of four people.

Aruba is not the only country that has seen the number of infections more than double. For this reason, orange travel advice also applies to Sint Maarten. There, the number of coronavirus infections has doubled since July 16. Estonia was also given a negative travel advice this Saturday.

Persons who still travel to Aruba, Estonia or another country with negative travel advice are strongly advised to go into self-quarantine for two weeks upon return. In addition, a test street is being set up at Schiphol, so that passengers can be tested for the corona virus immediately upon their return to the Netherlands.


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