Tram lines 11 and 12 will not run in Antwerp on Saturday


De Lijn will slightly rearrange its Antwerp tram network on Saturday due to the extreme summer weather. For example, tram lines 11 and 12 will not run. All other tram lines do run as planned in the timetable. Open shipping company De Lijn reports this Friday evening.

Due to the rescheduling, De Lijn can use a maximum of trams with air conditioning and air blowers on the other tram lines. The older, so-called PCC trams can then almost completely remain in the stable. According to De Lijn, the temperature in the PCCs can get so high that it is not justifiable for its tram drivers to continue to use the trams. ‘This is also not very comfortable for travelers.’

Tram lines 11 and 12 will not run on all days when code red applies. That is certainly the case on Saturday. ‘It is not yet clear how long code red and this rearrangement will persist. De Lijn looks at this day by day ‘, it says.

Instead of line 11 (Berchem Station-Melkmarkt), travelers can use line 9 from Berchem Station to Groenplaats, or bus lines 20-21-32 from Berchem Station to Rooseveltplaats. As for line 12 (Sportpaleis-Central Station), according to the public transport company, the pre-metro lines 2-3-5-6 are a good alternative for those who want to go to the Sportpaleis (premetro Sport) or Central Station (premetro Diamant).


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