Train derailed in Scotland: ‘Extremely serious incident’


The incident happened in Carmont, near Stonehaven, when heavy rain and thunderstorms caused flooding in many parts of central and eastern Scotland. The train consisted of a locomotive and four carriages. The locomotive and three carriages derailed and slid along a high shoulder. Clouds of smoke at the site of the accident can be seen from a great distance.

The ScotRail train derailed due to unknown causes. Stonehaven was partly flooded on Wednesday due to heavy rainfall. The cause of the train accident is probably a landslide caused by that storm. According to eyewitnesses, the propulsion engine caught fire due to the derailment.

About 30 emergency vehicles – including air ambulance support – are on site. The British transport police say its agents were called to the site of the derailment at approximately 9.43 a.m. (10.43 a.m. Belgian time). A spokesperson for ScotRail: “We assist the emergency services and will provide more information if available.”

Three people would have died in the train accident in Scotland, Sky News reported today. There would also be a missing person. On board the train were six passengers and six employees of the railway company.

‘Extremely serious incident’

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon described it as an “extremely serious incident” and said she was being kept informed of the developments. “All my thoughts are with those involved,” she said. In her tweet, Sturgeon does not provide additional information about possible victims.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain has also responded. “I am saddened to hear of the very serious incident in Aberdeenshire and my thoughts are with all those affected. My thanks to the emergency services on site, ”said Johnson.


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