Tragedy in the meantime: The late Akiva Kraus, 24, drowned in the Sea of ​​Galilee


Disasters between times: The late Rabbi Akiva Kraus, 24, a resident of the Ramot A neighborhood in Jerusalem, drowned this afternoon (Thursday) on the separate beach in the Sea of ​​Galilee.

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The late, a graduate of the Grodno Yeshiva in Beer Yaakov, went swimming in Lake Kinneret when he was with his wife’s family on the way to Safed.

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The late Akiva was born in Kiryat Sefer in 1956, to his father the Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Israel Kraus, formerly Rosh Yeshivat Mishken Ezra and later R.M. “L, one of the founders of the city of Kiryat Sefer.

As a child, he studied at Derech Emet in Modi’in Illit, then at a small yeshiva, Derech HaTorah, by Rabbi Michael Gross.

At a large yeshiva, he studied at Grodno Beer Yaakov, and when he reached his prime, he married two and a half years ago to his wife, Sarah Fruma, the daughter of Rabbi Israel Isser Hols, from the family of etrog marketers. A year after the wedding, his daughter was born – who is now an orphan.

His funeral will take place from his parents’ house in Kiryat Sefer, to the Ponivez Chaim house in Bnei Brak.

At the moment, the funeral procession is delayed, because the police demand a CT scan at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Abu Kabir, since a blow was found in his head. The inspection is accompanied by ZAKA personnel.

The tragedy occurred around 5:30 p.m. Paramedics and paramedics were called to the scene, after he drowned in the water and was pulled out by lifeguards. The rescue forces provided him with medical treatment and performed resuscitation operations, but unfortunately in the end they had no choice but to determine his death.

The late Akiva Kraus. Photo: Courtesy of the photographer

A paramedic on MDA’s Lugassi sea-bullying boat said: “When we reached the shore, our lifeguard friend used the man from the water and performed basic resuscitation operations on him. We continued the medical treatment and performed advanced and prolonged resuscitation operations that included resuscitation, massage and medication and unfortunately in the end we had to determine his death. ”

Yehiel Miller, a paramedic from the Rescue Union who participated in the resuscitation operations: “When I arrived at the scene, the young man was without a pulse or breathing after being pulled from the water by the rescuers. We performed resuscitation operations on him, but at the end, unfortunately, his death was determined. ”

Moshe Maman, a ZAKA North volunteer who treated the scene: “When I arrived at the beach, I saw many rescue forces performing resuscitation operations on a 24-year-old man who was pulled from the water by the rescuers after drowning. Dozens of citizens stood next to them and recited Psalms.

“Unfortunately, after the resuscitation operations failed, an MDA paramedic was forced to confirm his death on the spot. ZAKA North volunteers treated the dead in the difficult arena, and the circumstances of the incident are being investigated by the police. ”

Photo: ZAKA spokeswoman

The police stated that “a message was received at the 100 police station that a 24-year-old man drowned on the separate beach in the Sea of ​​Galilee, while he was staying with a family member.

“The man was pulled from the water and the medical staff who arrived at the scene performed resuscitation operations on him, but was forced to determine his death at the scene.”

Israeli police officers were called to the scene and began collecting evidence and collecting findings, to investigate the circumstances of the case.


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