Trade unions complain about a lack of homework in the chemical sector of Antwerp port


Since the introduction of the stricter corona measures in the province of Antwerp, working from home is mandatory for everyone who can. In the chemical sector that would happen too little and the Christian and socialist trade unions are now suing.

“During the first corona wave, we saw companies in the chemical sector switch en masse to working from home for positions where it is possible. It was not mandatory then. Now it is mandatory and it happens much less often, ”says Bruno Verlaeckt of the socialist trade union ABVV.

The unions do not understand why it was possible then and suddenly no longer. “There have been no complaints of abuse,” said Verlaeckt. “We don’t intend to shut down companies, but people who don’t necessarily have to work in the office can feel free to stay at home. It is not okay that you should limit your social bubble to five people and that too little effort is made at your workplace to comply with that. ”


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