Tourism industry: Fewer and fewer people say they still want to go on holiday NOW


As the corona crisis continues, the number of Dutch, Belgians, Germans and British with vacation plans continues to decline. This is evident from a study published on Thursday by the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) and Schiphol into the holiday plans of a thousand inhabitants of each of these countries.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, NBTC and Schiphol regularly poll the state of the holiday plans and bookings. A striking result is that the influence of the corona crisis on holiday plans is increasing.

The most striking example of this is Belgium, whose inhabitants have become even more reluctant to arrange a holiday. “This is partly due to the significant increase in the number of corona infections in Belgium”, says Jos Vranken, the general manager of NBTC.

When people go on vacation, they look the cat out of the tree and book last minute. According to NBTC and Schiphol, the percentage of Dutch people who say they do go on holiday but stay in their own country is increasing considerably. The group of Dutch people who stay in their own country is about the same size as the group of compatriots who spend their holidays elsewhere in Europe.

Spain remains a favorite, not only among the Dutch, but also among Belgians, Germans and British. Really long journeys are hardly planned.


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